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VERDECOPRENTE is a project conceived with the objective to promote contemporary theatre, performance, visual arts and expressive languages in the Umbrian area of Amelia and fostering their capacity to nurture the and to be nurtured by the relation between places, spaces, people and the rythms of tradition and local culture. It is a project moving in an ambience of interrelated and colloborating communities which share ist idea and modality: Alviano, Amelia, Giove, Guardea, Lugnano in Teverina e Montecchio.

As in previous years such as in 2016, the project focusses on artists and companies in residence based in Italy and in foreign countries who were selected via a call for proposals aiming at the professional sceene of contemporary arts.

The project is evolving by the year affirming the value of a venue that succeeds in involving artists citizens, companies, entrepreneurship as well as volonteers, passion and professionalism, Italy and foreign countries alike in a network channelling and redistributing sustainable resources as well as diverse forms of concrete and specific collaboration that create new synergies. Thanks to co-financing by private and public promoters the essential contributios are sourced through our network and fundraising. Verdecoprente, a local cultural project is nurtured by a collective and conscious vision that we share. Thus it constitutes an innovative model of a private-public partnership which succeeds in attaining local, regional and international attention alike. The project does not sell tickets but will accept donations and contributions online on the website „Sustaining Verdecoprente“ as well as during the events themselves.

Support Verdecoprente project by a donation for art and culture

-> via bank transfer

IBAN: IT23 S050 1803 2000 0000 0116 904
banca etica Via Parigi, 17 – 00185 Roma
to Associazione Ippocampo
reference: Verdecoprente project

Your contribution will be registered at the account of the non-profit association “Ippocampo” at Banca Etica. Please view the statutes of the association.

The donations so collected will be used for promotional material for the festival, additives and running expenses. If sufficient, the contributions will be used to recompense organizational, logistics and artistic work. Admission is free. Donations are welcome if not made yet.

Supporters and promoters will be added to the mailing list and notified via e-mail on events (no spam guarantee)


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