verdecoprente project

My Countryside is a Nest

To perceive and create landscape in combining ecological awareness and the readiness to preserve its identity as well as the memory as reflected by the landscape has henceforward become the indispensible ambition of the contemporary man.
Eugenio Turri 1927 – 2005 Veronese & geographer

Verdecoprente Re.Te. 2017 Residences (artistic) in the Territory
Call / Invitation to introduce proposals_deadline 11.03.2017 h 24.00

Projects of production, study and search within the creation for the scene

Sixth edition for Verdecoprente, project of reception for creative residences been born with the objective to promote and to sustain the stage practices, performative and artistic of the contemporaneity, feeding their ability to feed and to feed in the relationship and in the dialogue with the inhabited landscapes.
Where, as, because
The project stirs among district amerino and low valley of the Tevere, in a territory umbro rich in historical-artistic testimonies, of absorbed saperi in the nature, fragmented in many small city and rural centers that Verdecoprente connects in a net from the delicate equilibrium of relationships and possible resources.
Here we work for a culture of the reception that can understand well the creative trial as common, reading him/it in his/her dimension of strategy and experimentation, important element of the contemporary artistic production and at the same time opportunity of exchange, relationship, education and growth of the territory and the artists.
Verdecoprente is a float that sails among the waters of the scene what landscape to be known and to protect, and the real landscape what scene, theater of the facts and the actions that the space-time of the crossing makes possible, enjoyable and precious. To welcome proposals of creation in residence means for us to accompany and to strongly insert the job of the artists inside a social fabric identitario, to involve corporate body, city, associations and firms, to explore forms of approach and share of the local communities to the trials and the runs of the creation to act for the recognition of the professionalism and the demands of the stage and creative practices of the present.
An appointment that we devote to the selected proposals, delineating with the artists, the partners and the collaborations, the specific lines of every project of residence, to the entertained companies we ask of tener faith to this appointment, in the complicity of the relationships, of the exchanges, of the meetings, we interpret the share of it to the proclamation as sign of interest to the dialogue with the landscape that welcomes them. We consider the ‘to take takes care of him’ an important resource that the reception characterizes put in field by Verdecoprente, gifted still of thin economic resources, the project is born from the idea of an independent theatrical formation, distant from commercial schemes and tightened codifications of kind, that it still invests for holding him/it in life, in the flow of a cultural, poetic and social action in the territory, continuous, articulated, delicate….

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