festival and territory

We are beholding a territory the confines of which out of necessity will be limited to the area between Amelia and Alviano, crossing Lugnano in Teverina, Giove and Porchiano del Monte (all belonging to the Umbrian and Amerinian district), opening the view, though, towards the river and the lands of Mugnano (already part of the Latio district). In the course of years in this particular zone (but certainly not exclusively there), precious small islands have been in motion, islands made of cultural and artistic itineraries, of social questions raised and of people involved. These are independent, individual experiences, at times distant from each other like foreign countries and yet they all are nourished from the same natural and socio-cultural ecosystem, from the same “countryside” or “landscape”. Such are the realities made up of people and places where breath seems constantly be longing for exchange and blending while at the same time denying them.
Looking at these realities you could well design the map of a vast archipelago, a virtual system which never comes to a standstill but continues to float while softly and unnoticeably moving on, flowing past fields and buildings subtly carrying away all things. Bonds and chains are often visible but here, no island of this archipelago, no part of this countryside or landscape will be indifferent to the other living organisms that find their own identity only in a quality of relations that are as dynamic as running water, complex as the character of an individual, rich as the creative thought. Perhaps the water strives to take us back to the sea which covered these lands thousands of years ago. And perhaps this is why Verdecorprente.0 includes also the village of Mugnano, part of the neighboring region, on the other side of the river.

Thus the “Countryside or Landscape” of Verdecoprente turns into a synonym of the view that extends beyond the horizon defined by hills, a vision that does not deny itself in the face of a reality mirroring violated and exploited nature. It enables active listening that opens to sounds accepting languages hence unknown. To transgress and force the confines means to play with a wave that passes and endangers your equilibrium like swimming to the most distant island not knowing how to return. This is the zero edition of the festival.



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