program 2012

Verdecoprente 2012 evolves within the scenic space of natural and urban landscapes, benefiting from the agricultural architecture between parks and gardens as well as that of rural structures of vineyards and olive groves, entering hamlets, museums and castles but also supermarkets, schools and private homes – public and private spaces that in the course of three days during the festival.0 welcome suggestions for theatre plays, performance, music and singing, ambiences and visual art tours, video, multimedia installations or work designed for a specific location – under the sign of tradition and research, creative action which is being remodeled and re-models within the countryside on place.

 European Heritage days (September 29th – 30th)

Verdecoprente Festival.0

Events in real-time
theatre music choir painting and photography stories

-> September 22nd / 27 th

Primary schools of Amelia and Penna in Teverina
Impressions encounter / account
managed by Vocabolomacchia
production presented by the artists of Verdecoprente Festival.0

-> Friday, September 28th

6 p.m. – Castello di Alviano, Monastery

Nests and Roots
Preliminary notes and trails of the festival

Followed by

A Sunshine After Rain choir/ music/ poetry
Landscapes in British music and poetry of th 19th century
Decanter choir directed by maestro Eduardo Notrica
authors and compositions presented by Attilio Faroppa and Cielo Pessione

9:15 p.m. – Alviano, Auditorium Donna Olimpia

Visti dall’alto (Seen From Above) theatre performance
partitura per due attori e una macchina fotografica (score for two actors and a photographic camera)
By and with Roberto Giannini and Rossella Viti

-> Saturday September 29th

10 a.m. / 1 p.m. – Giove, Chiesa della Madonna del Perugino

Landscape with figure performance by painters
artistic work in real-time
with Caridad Barragan, Gregor Cürten, Alfredo de Laura, Attilio Faroppa, Roberto Giannini, Alessandro Prayer, Marco Rossi, Kersten Springfeld, Nathalie Thomkins

5:30 p.m. – Lugnano in Teverina, sale civiche

Interviews on landscape
from video interviews to live tell  proiection/happening

7:00 p.m. – Frantoio il Molinetto

Poetico industriale (industrial poetics) slow images
photographic landscapes
of Pierclaudio Duranti

9:15 p.m. – Lugnano in Teverina, Ex Fabbrica

Neve (Snow) theatre performance
From the novella by Maxence Fermine
With Federico de Giorgi and Jacquelina Barra
Somnia Theatri with the collaboration of Bompiani,
Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione Koreja, Arléa-Paris

-> Sunday, September 30th

11 a.m. – Mugnano borgo and palazzo Orsini

Da Bach ai Beatles music
con Oretta Orengo, Teresa Spagnuolo, Cristina Majnero
Trio Lanciaspezzata

4 p.m. – Amelia, chiostro Boccarini

Dalla campagna alla fabbrica (From the Land to the Factory) popular music
Stories told and sung by Piero Brega & Oretta Orengo
Excerpts of a project by Sandro Portelli in the Nera Vally in the Terni area

6 p.m. – Amelia, biblioteca comunale “Luciano Lama” (public library)

RAeP Racconto del presente (Novella of the Present) theatre performance
Finalist of the Premio Scenario Ustica 2011
by Mauro Santopietro with Tiziana Panici and Mauro Santopiero
produced by Ar.Tè Teatro Stabile Innovazione Orvieto

to be followed by

Amelia, chiostro Boccarini
Il mio paesaggio è un nido (my landscape/ countryside is a nest)
words, images and tastes to bid farewell to the festival

Events of long display
Spaces, sounds, textiles, visual installations, sculpture, video

September 25th to 30th

Amelia, chiostro Boccarini
In_Flussi (in_fluenced) site specific installation
by Elena and Marcella Del Signore
from September 18th you may assist in the assembly of the installation

Amelia, Museo Archeologico and Pinacoteca
Nido by Aurora Ghielmi vegetal sculpture
Giardino per voci by Rossella Viti installation
Di terra
by Vittoria Cusatelli sculpture

Alviano, Amelia, Giove
Video interviste sul paesaggio (video interviews on landscape)
recorded between July and September in the area by Roberto Giannini

Supermercati (supermarkets) Coop at Amelia and Giove
Paesaggi Umani (Human Landscapes) exhibition/ installation
photographic portraits of workers at the UniCoop
by Gloria Vatteroni and Rossella Viti

September 28th to 30th

Alviano, castle
Paesaggi Tessili (Textile Landscapes)
exhibition/ installation with creations by:
Eva Basile, Luciano Ghersi, Konny Kuligk, Cielo Pessione, Magda Viti

Richiami by Attilio Faroppa installation
Giostra by Paolo Uliana kinetic sculptures
UMBRella Art by Luciano Ghersi installation
story and arts related to the umbrella
from the fund of Augusto Romanelli, umbrella maker from Porchiano del Monte
DiTerra by Vittoria Cusatelli sculpture

Lugnano in Teverina, es Fabbrica
Museo civico/ sala della grande Guerra
Oasi by Roberto Giannini video art

Diari di viaggio (Travel Diaries) premiere, during and after the festival
Bloc Notes writing in progress by David Becchetti
photographic and video notes by the promoters of Verdecoprente

Who we are 2012

Info and festival office
tel +39 0744 902749 – mob +39 339 6675815

English information
Angelika Leik

press office
Associazione Ippocampo e Cesvol Terni
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translation Angelika Leik