open call 2016

Call for proposals for creative artist’s residence

Deadline 2016 12 pm of March 21th
Period: from may to 4th september / from 19th to december 2016

art direction Roberto Giannini and Rossella Viti Vocabolomacchia / associazione Ippocampo
partner Municipalities of Alviano, Amelia, Giove, Guardea, Lugnano in Tev, Montecchio

Verdecoprente, is coming to the fifth edition, this creative residence project, started with the aim to propose the contemporary performatory artistic practices, they rise their capabilities to nourish themselves through the relationship and in a dialog with the social, geographic landscapes. We are in the amerino district and in the lower Tiber river valley, an Umbria territory, rich of unexpected as precious cultural and artistic evidence deep in the nature. Here It develops since four years ago a system that joins institution, citizens, associations and companies, in a network that while exploring the approaching styles and participating ways of the local community at the artists process, it has recognized to the residence creative as a breeding ground for actors and viewers connections and orientation.
We strong for had grown in the right way together with the several guest companies in these years, we keep on thinking out questions about the meaning of our actions: How and which are the conditions to meet the other one and to hold him in his own land?
Which kind of presence will allow recognition to the theater, to the dance, to the contemporary creation as alive and throbbing, able to live these spaces to go through relationship while perception it’s been modified?
Culture, art and territory like “ necessary landscape” ask us the most attention and time.
From here to the innovation of Verdecoprente_Re.Te 2016, to widen the residence presence in this area for few months, in a yearly project in which receive one or two at a time, putting them in the middle of a detailed and participated network, around the research on contemporary languages, in a wave texture in the experience between the performance act and its vision.