Call for residencies 2015

Open Call for residence 2015

VERDECOPRENTE FESTIVAL  – Creative artists residence
deadline 24 march 2015
Invitation to submit proposals/Open call

Projects of Theatre – dance – performance – multimedia storytelling
august 24th to september 6st 2015, district of Amelia, Umbria (TR)

Verdecoprente Residences and Festival is a project was born with the idea of promoting theatre, performance, visual arts and contemporary creative and expressive languages of the Umbrian region of Amelia. It intends to help these arts to expand their capacity to nourish the and feed from the relation with places, spaces people and patterns of local tradition and culture – Residences and Festival take place in an inter-regional area involving several municipalities of the Umbrian region of Amelia with their citizens, institutions, companies, resources and spaces. Following the specific idea of “landscape/countryside as theatre” Verdecoprente experiences the scenic space offered by the territory to the utmost as an idea of human, social and cultural, historical, artistic natural, geographic and venture environment. It is a dynamic environment in constant evolution that seems to be made explicitly to host contemporary creations with its unusual ways of transcending places, the modality of languages, the encounters with the spectator, a spectator who experiences the work together with its author and who co-writes his “theatre as landscape/ countryside”.

The project of creative artists residence is a constitutional part of the festival. In line with its poetic context it contributes & sustains its character as project, production, research within the range of performing practices which find themselves reflected in the contemporary scene with particular emphasis on multi disciplinary creations & nature and innovations aiming at spaces different from theatres, which are not being hosted and presented all too easily. During their residence the selected artists shall have the opportunity to: work on their artistic projects in a stimulating and protected environment, confront their own research with visiting artists, other artists in residence & the local reality as well as to present their work within the specific context of the festival.

Verdecoprente is based on a system of collective promotion, participation & sharing by various promoters, artists, citizens, structures, institutions, businesses of the territory of Amelia. Private and public sources result from the co-financing of the promoters to collaboration with businesses & institutions, contributes from the basis collected via networks and events. It is a project of Vocabolomacchia, laboratory for production, research and education in performing & visual arts, an independent association of Assoziazione Ippopcampo, a cultural non-profit institution.

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