Terms & Conditions
Call for proposals for creative artist’s residence
august 24th – september 6st 2015

1) the invitation targets projects of
Theatre – Dance – Performance (vocal and music, lecture, street, multimedia). The proposals may be presented in any language of performing arts, be inter- and multi disciplinary, address children, be limited with respect to number of spectators as long as they are in strong relation to the context, the characteristics ant the poetic aspect of Verdecoprente.
2) Whom it is directed at
Artists and adult creative persons of any sex and nationality, independent companies, formal and informal groups defined by their contemporary artistic language and work on a professional regional, national or international level.
3) Characteristics of the proposals
Proposals may imply new creations or re-elaborations, even if they are only in phase of development and may possibly be presented at the festival by the end of the residence as work/creation in progress. The proposed projects need to be original (unedited)
4) Duration and time of residence
The residence takes place within a range of ten days from august 24th  to september 6st with modalities, program and timetable in accordance with the organization committee according to the specifications of the selected project.
5) Spaces of residence and of the festival
Urban spaces (monasteries, ballrooms, halls, museums, factories, supermarkets, storage buildings, etc.)
6) Technical Requirements of the Projects
Any technical requirements of the project which you intend to realize need to be described in the participation form to be submitted in connection with the proposal, explaining to the Organization clearly the necessary material, equipment & services, and types required. The Organization has to confirm their availability. Every project should be as autonomous as possible regarding equipment, illumination, audio. Every artist/company shall work on his/her/its own project relying in principle on his/her/its own equipment which should be essential and suitable for the spaces selected. Please be aware that the use of podia, large accessible stages settings, non autonomous shoring and mounting systems, modification of territory are not possible. Every decision regarding the use of spaces and equipment is reserved to the organization and shall be formally agreed upon with the artist in residence. It is indispensable to indicate specific needs for the respective working spaces for the performance.
7) The residence at Verdecoprente contributes and supports the production of the selected proposal and warrants the following:
• daily work sessions at the respective spaces with hours & modalities agreed upon
• accommodation at the Ostello Torre del borgo, giove, including august 24th to september 6st with kitchen use (for persons announced in the proposal who are considered essential components for the development of the project). The hosting service shall be granted for the residences of Verdecoprente by the municipality of Giove and be operated by Pro loco.
• occasion for interaction & exchange with the artistic directors, other promoters and artists in residence
• inclusion in the program of the at the places & dates indicated by the Organization between august 24th to september 6st
• diffusion and promotion on the website of the festival, print media and specialized networks
• technical assistance to be agreed upon
• eventual payment of SIAE within the range of the festival
• annual membership card of Associazione Ippocampo (with only private civil responsibility excluding employment)
• contribution to the production costs of a
max. of
€ 250,00 to project.
8) the selected artists/groups/companies commit to:
– meet expenses for travelling and catering (self-organised with kitchen use)
– take due care of the assigned spaces, and respect the indicated hours of access
– participate at the festival program
– guarantee the authorship of the proposed projects
– be in possession of an exoneration of Siae and author’s rights for non-original texts, music and images including necessary legal concessions where required.
– autonomy regarding mobility and transportation during the period of their residence (including their own material) if not agreed upon otherwise
– usability ENPALS
– mention the dictum “in residence Verdecoprente” in following occasions of representation and distribution of the new creation
– procure all necessary objects for the elaboration of the project not envisaged by rule number 7.
9) Schedule of participation – Deadline
In order to participate in the selection please send the duly completed Participation Form not later than 12 pm of March 24th 2015
exclusively via mail with reference to: Verdecoprente2015_residence to the following two addresses:
10) Selection, criteria, result
The proposals shall be evaluated based on originality, coherence, sustainability within the context of Verdecoprente 2014. The selection of such proposals shall be done by the artistic directors of Verdecoprente Festival 2015. By April 10th the participants shall be informed via mail of the result of the selection. Every company, artist or producer may present only one of his or her work at the selection but participate at others.
11) Sending the proposal implies the acceptance of and respect for the present Terms and Conditions in all respects and of the agreed specifications. Non compliance with any single point implies the exclusion from the selection. Where Vocabolomacchia teatro studio should need implement modifications of whatever kind to the present Terms and Conditions, it shall inform the selected artists immediately agreeing with them on means and solutions best suitable to meet the requirements of these modifications. The material sent for the selection shall not be returned but remain at the archives of the festival at disposal for promoters and local associations. The participation at the selection is free.

Info and Contact
Vocabolomacchia + 39 0744.902749
Organising referee: Roberto Giannini 327.2804920
project referee: Rossella Viti 339.6675815
translations: Angelika Leik + 39 3383843453

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