verdecoprente project

My Countryside is a Nest

To perceive and create landscape in combining ecological awareness and the readiness to preserve its identity as well as the memory as reflected by the landscape has henceforward become the indispensible ambition of the contemporary man.
Eugenio Turri 1927 – 2005 Veronese & geographer

We believe it is essential to listen to places in order to understand what they can tell us, to envision them in different seasons, to nourish different kinds of cultivation which may become part of them and thus of the countryside, too. We believe that this is the only way to accomplish that art and culture will be understood as indispensable elements fitting social needs.

Verdecoprente Festival
is dedicated to countryside that nourishes us, to spaces where culture and nature meet while assuming a distinct shape within the language of contemporary theatre, art and poetry. Thus the acted, spoken and sung theatre, performance, sonorous and visible landscapes, multimedia installations and specific sites are the written compositions afield.

In such manner we would like to transgress the boundary between the arts, between nature and construction, between products of the earth and products of man blending intentions and visions under the manifestation of creative experience and rewriting them in a mastication of languages. Jumping and somersaulting, on that account exercising senses and muscles alike, eyes and ears, breathing and heartbeat, thoughts and emotions.

For the contemporary theatre demands the actors’ voice as much as his dance. It is looking for both action and silence, for the body and its potential, perceives images in the absence of light, penetrating the shadows within a thought. Full and empty, it is a theatre without an edifice and music without an instrument, the poetry of the landscape turned into theatre and theatre which reflects landscape, into something that nourishes and renders us amidst the chaos of life, the array of death, actors and audience united by a certain idea of the countryside, by the experience of a nest.


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