Lorna Moore

progetto PULse: Amelia and Me

venerdi 19 Guardea, Molino cooperativo h 21.00
sabato 20 Amelia  Museo archeologico h 19.00

fotografie Rossella Viti

For this residency I would like to develop a one to one performance piece between the spectator/performer and the district of Amelia. PULse is a performance based on a mutual choreography between the spectator and the landscape of Amelia. The landscape and the human body come together to create an ensemble of sound, vision and movement through the participant’s body and the projected video images, which would depict the essence of Amelia. Using a wireless biometric heart rate monitor the spectator’s pulse is transmitted through the computer and connects with the video images of Amelia. The heart rate of the participant will trigger the video images to be viewed and control elements such as; the speed, sound, transparency, volume, size of the images. As an example the faster the heart rate the louder the image may become. Controlling these viewing elements through the heart rate enables the performer to choreograph their experience of Amelia’s images. However there is a feedback process were Amelia’s images and sound also makes an impact on the performer so together they create PULse – a live third space in[between] the spectator of Amelia and Amelia itself. The heart rate of the spectator/performer breathes new life into the landscape/townscape creating a collaborative dance controlled through breathing and moving.

While the region of Amelia is seen as a stage, the images are a site of representation capturing the essence of the district through movement and sound. Here the material body of the spectator and the immaterial body of images become one ‘body’ each dependant on the other. PULse goes beyond the boundaries of the corporeal body and stretches its materiality across borders that are penetrable- a performance that captures the heart of Amelia and Me. PULse is a performance for all ages which anyone can take part in.


Lorna is an interactive video performance/installation artist living and working in the UK. Her practice incorporates new digital media and video within a multidisciplinary context. She has had a large number of her works exhibited nationally and internationally, in countries as diverse as Canada, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Russia. Lorna has often worked in collaboration with other artists and engineers, alongside the German software engineer Frieder Weiss. She has been pro-active in many curatorial roles and been involved in many festivals and international art events, successfully gaining funding for research and development projects in Warsaw, Krakow, Canada, Venice and Berlin.
Her 20 years teaching experience covers an extensive range of experimental media which includes: fine art, time based media, photography and film, video and performance, art & design, and digital media. She has experience of teaching in a wide variety of institutions, including universities and she has a teaching qualification, in addition to her two MAs and BA in Fine Art.
Lorna has just completed her PhD at the University of Wolverhampton. Her research is practice-led and examined the impact real time video interaction has on participants’ perception of self when they interact with their own digital doubles. She was privileged to be directed by media artists Paul Sermon and Martin Rieser. The outcome of this research has directed Lorna towards real-time body swapping explorations as a way to share inter-corporeal experiences through the art practice. At the moment she is looking towards Neuro-technology using the EPOC emotive neuroheadsets to enable participants to interact with and alter the art experience.
This doctorate has been fully funded by the University of Wolverhampton, School of Art & Design where Lorna received a three year full time bursary.

sito web: Lorna Moore


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